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Introducing our law firm



Established in 2008

Introduction to our firm

The firm was born from the need, felt by its members, to combine in a single context the individual experiences that characterize and have characterized the work commitment lavished by each of the individual professionals, to offer customers a wide range of skills matured not only under the academic profile, but also from the point of view of the daily confrontation with experiences.

Each professional, in fact, is characterized by a marked professionalism and competence acquired in certain areas of the vast world of law.

The firm also makes use of highly qualified external collaborators specialized in the areas of expertise, both legal and in other disciplines

Thus, professional exchange allows customers to be guaranteed commitment, professionalism and high-level assistance, for the best protection both in out-of-court and in litigation.

Main areas of intervention


For years, the firm has undertaken a path of in-depth study and study of legal issues related to the protection of cultural heritage, also through membership of international cultural institutions and bodies that deal with cultural heritage law.


The firm assists companies and individuals in bankruptcy and over-indebtedness procedures, also guaranteeing advice and legal defense of bankruptcy trustees.


The firm guarantees a high level of preparation of its professionals and consultants in the examination of contracts and banking relationships, providing companies,  curatele bankruptcy and private individuals a quality service in one of the fields of Italian law among more insidious and changeable


Contractual assistance, protection of credit and assets and specific preparation in administrative and criminal problems of the agro-forestry sector are some of the characteristics and services offered by the firm to companies.

The practitioners


Avv. Emanuele Spina


Avv. Donatella Albisani


Avv. Federico Monaci

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Avv. Giulia Cipriani


Dott.ssa Clizia Franceschini

Lawyers are neither circus jugglers nor parlor lecturers: justice is serious business

Piero Calamandrei

The blog on the cultural heritage law

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