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Bankruptcy Law

Assistance to bankruptcy receivership

In the field of Bankruptcy Law, the IURECONSULTI Law Firm provides support and advice to bankruptcy trustees from the early stages of the formation of the passive status.

Thanks to this it is possible to avoid disputes before they arise and by managing the practice in a collaborative way.

In bankruptcy management , legal assistance and practices must be transparent to allow clear management and timely reporting to the bodies in charge as well as to creditors.

Business support

For our client companies we offer targeted support and legal advice for insolvency and over-indebtedness procedures

The support to companies is also realized through the supply of the consultancy figure most suited to their needs, collaborating with the company's tax consultants .

The liquidation procedures

The law firm also supports companies in the phase of the termination of their activity.

The voluntary liquidation of the company is a procedure that sees us alongside the entrepreneur for the collection of credits and the payment of debts.

The law firm deals, on behalf of the entrepreneur, with the management of negotiations with the credit institutions involved, in order to complete the liquidation process.

The composition of over-indebtedness crises

Over-indebtedness and bankruptcy are two aspects that seem to coincide but that must be managed according to different procedures.


The IURECONSULTI Law Firm supports both private individuals and entrepreneurs not subject to bankruptcy, in the liquidation procedures thanks to the help of an accredited body.

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Bankruptcy proceedings are often seen as a last resort; it is not always a correct view.

Sometimes they help the company to manage in the best way a situation that is no longer available, avoiding the aggravation of the consequences for the entrepreneur.

Sometimes they help the over-indebted to recover their serenity.

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