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The law firm

Established in 2008

An in-depth study of the individual legal disciplines handled by professionals, individual talent and a passion for studying specific customer problems

are the strength of the studio

Our vision

The IURECONSULTI Law Firm has always pursued a high professional standard by choosing specific areas in order to   to guarantee the best result to our client.

The Italian legal system, by its nature, requires a constant commitment to update and deepen the individual subjects.


This constant attention allows us to give the utmost attention to the cases that are proposed to us.

To support this vision, in addition to the constant search for study texts, we have selected a trusted and consolidated network of consultants, technicians and professionals from the economic , financial and scientific world.

The professionals

Avv. Emanuele Spina

Referenze extracurricolari:


  • The annulment of the export license for artworks in Italian Law (The guarantee of certainty in relation to recent administrative and legal measures), in “Gdańskie Studia Prawnicze, 2/2021 - Cultural Heritage Law” a cura dell’Università di Danzica, Danzica 2021


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Emanuele Spina, lawyer

Qualified to practice with the Higher Jurisdictions

It mainly deals with the protection of cultural heritage, guaranteeing protection and legal assistance to leading operators in the sector, in Italy and abroad.

He holds a Masters in Cultural Heritage Law in 2020.

In 2021 he obtained the certificate of participation in the XV edition of the course "Arbitration: fundamentals and techniques" at the Arbitration Chamber of Milan (CAM)

He has deepened the study of banking law and bankruptcy law, assisting bankruptcy trustees and companies.

He holds the role of arbitrator in some arbitration chambers, including:

     - Arbitration Chamber of Florence

     - Court of Arbitration for Art (CAfA)

     - Arbitration Chamber of Pistoia_d04a0739d813-9cd1-

     - Chamber of Arbitration at the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa

He has held managerial positions in third sector organizations.

Member of the Fondation pour le Droit de l'Art - Art Law Fondation , based in Geneva (CH)

Member of the Center for Art Law , based in New York (USA)

Member of The International Art Market Studies Association based in London (UK)

Accredited arbitrator at the Court of Arbitration for Art (CAfA), based in The Hague (NL)

There are disputes which tolerate the unjust solution better, because they demand a quick solution more intensely, and vice versa.

Francesco Carnelutti

Our watchwords  01.


Attention and listening are an essential combination for a professional. 

For an accurate legal advice , it is essential to also pay attention to the details for the purpose of   to find the best solution for our client.


The dynamics of work often require flexibility and availability even outside the firm. To better understand the reality with which we are going to compare, our professionals are available for cognitive insights also at the customer's headquarters.

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