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Credit recovery

Credit recovery is, among business services, the one that often generates uncertainty in the entrepreneur, both for costs and for the result.

Over the years, we have understood how important out-of- court management is but we also give equal weight to preventive analysis to avoid   ineffective judicial actions.

In the case of large volumes of receivables to be collected, we also offer attractive flat rate solutions that allow the client to mitigate the economic impact of the procedures in the event of the debtor's insolvency.

Flat rate contracts

Companies and entrepreneurial activities need certainties to complete their forecast budgets . 

Our flat rate contracts allow a better management of ordinary costs and a better forecast calibration based also on the previous financial statements and operating costs.

One of the greatest uncertainties in the recovery of credit for amounts considered to be minor is often linked to the result.

Many entrepreneurs, aware of this, renounce a priori settling for solutions that offer a lower return, but which are less risky (for example, the assignment of credits).

With the flat rate credit recovery contract we want to imagine our services to the company as a relationship of common growth and this allows us to work side by side with entrepreneurs for years and overcoming the concept of simple suppliers.

Our partnerships

Our firm has entered into collaboration agreements with some trade organizations, including:

ANIMA Federation of National Associations of Various and Related Mechanical Industry


Tell us your case

If you are interested in our business solutions, please tell us what your business is about, the volume of business and what services you need.

We will be happy to offer you a contractual solution designed for you.

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