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Agro-forestry law

Forest Law

Forest law has today a substantial importance that also borders on hydrogeological protection and damage resulting from the climate emergency that we have been experiencing for decades.

In analyzing this discipline, many factors must be taken into account, including the importance of protecting and regulating areas such as the production of biomass and the more traditional area of non-food goods production.

The production of forest biomass currently represents an important pawn in the new course of national energy policy , as an Italian response to the wishes of the European Union for decisive and immediate action by the Member States to counter the challenges posed by climate change.

The variation of cultural heritage that the forest and its cultivation is taking on in the new jurisdiction is increasingly important.

Constraints and new environmental planning are elements to be taken into account in developing and protecting these areas both at local, national and European level.

Assistance and Advice

This area of assistance and advice for our customers finds us involved and specialized on a front that for us plays a decisive role in the development of agricultural and artisan companies that deal with forestry.

The law firm develops a vision linked to the productive-economic aspect as well as the hydrogeological and hygienic climatic defense of the environment.


We carefully follow both the administrative and the criminal aspects in order to prevent the risk of incurring administrative sanctions and criminal convictions for sometimes unconscious violations.

Wine Law

The wine sector is an economic productive sector that needs specific protection in particular for products with a designation of origin.

A production sector that generates over 12 million euros in turnover.

The law firm supports companies in wine law also in the protection of the brand and the graphic compositions of the labels.

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The subject is extremely particular and requires the support of professionals with specific preparation on national and regional regulations that regulate the activities of the agricultural and forestry sector.

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