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Cultural Heritage Law


The operators of the art world know very well how many regulations, rules and contracts can make this world so complex and peculiar.


The Contrattualista is a fundamental and essential element that requires a multidisciplinary legal approach , accompanied by a deep knowledge of the dynamics of this world.

The IURECONSULTI Law Firm is made up of professionals who have deepened over time the dynamics, practices and problems related to this sector.

A legal culture in the world of art also requires a presence within international organizations and foundations that investigate issues in legal matters; for this reason, the firm's professionals dedicate time and resources to their training, even in the international field.

The operators of the sector are accompanied in the creation of contracts aimed at their needs . 

The IURECONSULTI Law Firm supports antique dealers, restorers, companies specialized in services for art and collectors in the phases of sale, lease, loan, transport of works of art and for any further need.

In compliance with current legislation, our firm is also available to take on mandates with or without representation for the stipulation of contracts or participation in public auctions.

International circulation of cultural assets

In order to guarantee the correct international circulation of cultural assets, the IURECONSULTI Law Firm deals with the procedures for issuing certificates of free circulation, shipping certificates and all other necessary documents, as well as protecting the customer in administrative procedures.  

Our service is completed thanks to the support of our consulting network . 
Our consultants support us in the drafting of endoprocedimental briefs , hierarchical appeals and in front of administrative judges.


Cultural constraints

We help our customers in the correct management of cultural constraints that attention to cultural constraints and the guarantee of compliance with regulations are essential for us to guarantee our client an excellent level of protection that also allow the private owner to act on the market with the same competence of a professional in the sector, avoiding the pitfalls, including of a criminal nature, inherent in the legislation.

Complications, even of criminal origin, often make the client prefer to entrust the law firm IURICONSULTI   with the management of this aspect with which we have often faced both from a civil, administrative and criminal point of view.

The Law Firm supports the client in the various stages including hierarchical and jurisdictional appeals against the revocation or modification of existing constraints.


Litigation is a delicate aspect for which IURECONSULTI Law Firm works in order to offer a high-level service  , given the delicacy of the relations between public and private administration. bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The specific nature of the subject requires the choice of specifically trained legal professionals ; for this reason, in addition to guaranteeing a technical defense carried out by lawyers aware of the dynamics of the sector, the firm promotes and suggests to customers the adhesion to arbitration procedures carried out before arbitration courts, Italian and international, composed of art lawyers.

The firm includes among its members a member of the arbitration pool at the Court of Arbitration for Art based in The Hague  ( Court of Abitration for Art - CAfA )


Over 15 years of experience in the sector

Tell us your case

The proceedings relating to cultural heritage are very complex and articulated, with numerous variables of both a legal and historical and artistic nature,   which come into play according to the specific problems.

Explain your case to us and we will be able to advise you in choosing the path most appropriate to take, with a clear description of the associated costs.

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